Holiday Celebration at the Page Walker House in Cary, NC
Lola Youngman
Tim Smith
Jen Radabaugh - the newest Thelonian
Thelonious Jive
Broadstreet - composite 5
Broadstreet - sing “O”
Broadstreet - sing “Ooooo”
Broadstreet - sing “Aaaah”
Broadstreet - Hey! What”s that on the floor?
Broadstreet - Don”t let me catch you doin” that!
Broadstreet - Aren”t we flashy?
Broadstreet - Can we agree on an emotional interpretation here?
Broadstreet - These 2 are too sharp!
Broadstreet - Tim
Broadstreet-Snappin” the beat
Broadstreet - sing “Eeee”
Lola Youngman
Mike Edwards
Tim Smith
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